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我們的故事 Our Story

The Most Authentic
Nanyang Cuisine you can find in Macau

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Hot, Sour, Sweet

來自新加坡的創始人 Robert Cai 於 2013 年首次來到澳門,開始在澳門的酒店行業工作。在澳門多年的生活讓他想念新加坡的美食如叻沙、海南雞飯、和最重要的南洋咖啡配咖椰多士。

Our Singaporean founder- Robert Cai first came to Macau in 2013 and started off working in Macau’s hospitality scene. Years of being in Macau led to him feeling homesick and missing Singaporean food. 

Thus, he had a vision to bring the Singaporean flavor to Macau and Nanyang Kopi was born. Serving a wide variety of delicious and authentic Singaporean cuisine daily from the heart of Macau, be sure to drop by and give it a try!

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